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Manufacturer’s Representatives


Since 1987, K&B Engineering has been a leading manufacturer's representative agency, providing products and services to the utility and large industrial markets in the Upper Midwest.


We specialize in products and services for Boilers and Boiler Combustion Optimization for Emissions Reduction and Efficiency Improvement with an emphasis on:

  • Solids Fuel Combustion and Conversions
  • Air / Gas Flow Systems
  • Combustion Optimization and Emissions Reduction
    • Energy Efficiency Upgrades
    • Heat Rate Improvement   


We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and working as your partner to deliver products and services from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Top Manufacturer Brands

K&B Engineering is an integrated, full-service manufacturer's rep firm, serving contractors, wholesalers, engineers & builders. Our full line of top-quality brands includes Clarage, Norflex, Cimtec, Envirocare, Loesche & many more. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

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